Monday, April 19, 2010

Vacation Day One

Ahhh. Vacation.

Since I had to be busy all day up until 1 AM on Saturday, I didn't consider my vacation started until Sunday. So. Yesterday, I:
  • Slept in until 10 (which was still only 8 hours since I went to bed at 2)
  • Had too much coffee
  • Read the paper
  • Half-watched a couple Lifetime movies
  • Went out with Terri to the garden center and got some plants for the porch, including a hanging strawberry plant, which I'm very excited about
  • Planted all the plants (which was maybe 3-4)
  • Did quickie sand/refinish to a small table I'm going to use for my jewelry (found at garage sale)
  • Made two more fancy necklaces for myself while watching another Lifetime movie
  • Made roasted new potatoes and asparagus for dinner
  • Watched a couple episodes of Buffy and then something on PBS about cemeteries
I don't usually like Lifetime movies but they were kind of perfect yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, almost too warm, but so nice.

Today I am going to have a facial and mani/pedi at the day spa around the corner from our house. And then come home and fall back into bed for a nap. Ahh.


Theresa said...

mmmm your supper sounds yummy! I love new potatoes. I think Lifetime movies are perfect for lazy "i'm only half-paying attention" days. LOL

Theresa said...

PS- I'd take you up on your offer to vent via email, but I don't wanna stress you out, you're on vacation! LOL

Ally said...

Productivity mixed with relaxation -- now that is my kind of day!