Monday, April 19, 2010

Vacation Day Two

Well, I didn't perform at the Condor today, but I was topless and bottomless (albeit wrapped in a towel and covered in comfy soft blankies) for a lovely facial today. :)
  • Woke up at 8:30 and headed out to Berkeley Bowl for provisions. I'm on vacation, but we've still got to eat, right?
  • Got home and lounged around, had coffee, read blogs (am sadly behind on all blog reading...)
  • Headed around the corner to the day spa (so nice that it's literally around the corner from my house) and had a very nice facial, and a manicure and pedicure. The facial I loved. I've only had maybe two facials before, but I think I'm going to get one each season (4x/year is reasonable, right?). My skin feels great and it was genuinely relaxing. The manicure I can do without. Frankly I don't care that much about my nails, which are short and unpolished (for some reason polish does not stay on my fingernails for more than a day, no matter what). I like the results of the pedicure but I always feel incredibly awkward being in the high chair with someone kneeling in front of me, pampering my feet. I just have a hard time relaxing. Although it was better today; the nail tech was very sweet and genuinely kind, so that helped. Still, I think next time I will just go for the facial.
  • Came home and Terri made brownies for me. Thanks, sweetie!
  • Went for a walk with my friend even though I really didn't want to. We went through the local rose garden park, which was lovely. I would have rather strolled through, taking time to smell the roses (literally), but we power-walked around the park twice (with me only stopping a *few* times...). I actually really enjoy exercising but lately I have just not been in the mood. I think I'd rather take a long slow hike with my camera than power-walk.
  • Am now home, where I am going to take a shower to clean all the facial gunk out of my hair, and have roasted potatoes and asparagus for dinner, and watch Buffy.
Tomorrow it's supposed to thunderstorm and be cold and rainy. I think we are going to stay in bed all day and watch spooky movies. Includes: The Orphanage, Let The Right One In, The Entity and possibly The Innocents (based on Turn of the Screw). I haven't been able to read much, even though I'm really enjoying Carry On, Jeeves. I'm feeling incredibly overstimulated by everything, and can barely watch movies. My attention span just can't seem to handle a book. I'm hoping to feel better in the next day or two.

Doesn't help that we heard today from the SSDI department that it could take as long as six months to get a decision (we are hoping there was some sort of misunderstanding, since originally we were told a week to 90 days), nor that Terri's doctor is recommending an out-of-the-country treatment which would cost $20,000. I don't know if that covers travel costs or what. You know what that means! Bake Sale of the Century! (do you think I could raise $20,000 by selling home baked brownies?)


Stefanie said...

Sounds like a lovely day especially the pampering part :) I hope you get thunderstorms, oh how I love t-storms! The Entity creeped me out and gave me nightmares and was the beginning of my inability to watch horror movies. Enjoy!

Tammie said...

six months!!!! sheesh!

i feel the same way about getting my nails done. its hard for me to be pampered in any way. i feel guilty.