Friday, January 11, 2008

When You Know You Are Loved

I was having a crummy day, not feeling well, having my period, about ready to cry any second. I came home and barely managed to put the milk in the fridge. I mean, barely. Everything else is still out on the table. Terri practically marched me into pajamas and bed (as I was sputtering, "...but, the floor needs sweeping... there's stuff to put away... I should put in laundry..."). I've spent the past couple hours reading magazines and celebrity blogs while Terri took a nap.

She wakes up and asks me if I want dinner.

Me: "ummm, not really."
Her: "Not hungry?"
Me: "Not for dinner..."
Her: "Ice cream?"
Me: "Yes!"
Her: "...and a heated neck warmer?"
Me: "... you really do love me..."

So now I am still in bed, but with a deliciously heavy neck-warmer thingie on, with my favorite bowl filled with mint chocolate chip ice cream. And zero guilt heaped upon me.

Thanks, my sweet.

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