Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Day Of "Good Enough"

After a particularly bad yesterday, I was thankful for today. Slept in a little bit, made fresh whole-wheat cinnamon bread (yay, breadmaker!), cleaned the house, did laundry, worked on gifts, etc. I did none of these things very well, but good enough. I also fell apart and cried quite a few times, knocked my funnybone so hard I almost couldn't believe it, and had some trouble with dinner... but I made it to this point: sitting on the couch with Terri's feet in my lap, dishes done, bellies full, mood stable. Good enough.

I'm thankful for clean sheets on the bed, knowing how to fix a recipe (sometimes), for mint-chip ice cream in the freezer, and snuggly kitties who tuck in on my lap inbetween my stomach and the laptop. And for Terri, whose light-hearted pranks make any day more fun.

I deleted my old blogs off LiveJournal yesterday. I re-read a few entries and found them so completely depressing that I didn't even want them in existence anymore. I wanted no record of that really sucky time. What a long journey. I wouldn't call this particular time in our lives 'smooth sailing' by any means, but my mental state is so much more calm. I feel like wheels are turning and I'm back on track -- I don't know what track, but I'm moving again.

Book update: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is excellent. I'm just over halfway through (800 pages!) and hope to get a good deal more read this week. I am flying on Friday and I will have a dilemma if I don't finish it. Do I take it, with the risk that I'll finish it and have to haul it around and have nothing to read? Or do I leave it at home and take something else? Maybe I'll just read really fast and finish it this week and eliminate the question.

Tomorrow I'm making cinnamon rolls, doing some art, and hopefully a little shopping (art supplies! Yay!). Oh yeah, and go to the gym. I keep forgetting that part.

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