Monday, December 03, 2007

Crunch, crunch

As I sit here, enjoying the big stack of holiday magazines and catalogs, Tiger Lily is crunching a few tortilla chip crumbs in the bowl on my lap. Crunch, crunch, as she delicately eats each tiny morsel. Now, she is done and is attempting to sit IN the bowl. Sigh. Cats.

Tonight I am wondering why we must figure out something to have for dinner EVERY NIGHT. I mean, come on. Can't we just figure out dinner every once in awhile, and the rest of the time, have it magically appear? Sigh.

Also, even though I made window stoppers, and even though they help, we are still getting breezes in through the window. I may have to say something to the landlords with this month's rent check. Like, fix the window or else.

Yes, I'm in a good mood tonight, why do you ask?

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