Sunday, December 02, 2007

Wild, Windy Walk

What's this? Actual December-like weather? Gray skies and gusty wind sent us out for a little walk tonight for some fresh air. We took the camera just for fun.

Very windy out by the water.

Notice that yes, I went out in my pajamas. We took the path by the bay and watched all the poor little cold birdies bobbing about in the 'stormy' waters.

Terri had some good luck with the camera flash. I don't know what these tree berries are, but they are so pretty!

We were jubilant upon getting back home -- a half-hour walk, out in the chilly wind, having fun and taking photos -- this was a treat! The good mood continues into the evening. Roasted peppers, Brussels sprouts... holiday cookie planning, a little crafting... a perfect evening indoors while it's windy and wild outside.

Reminder: tomorrow evening this blog will be at a new address. I wonder if this is a good idea. I looked and I think the best new address is What do you think? Good idea? I this this current address is too long. I'd like something shorter. I'm worried I'll lose readers. You'll still be able to find me, right?

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