Monday, December 03, 2007

x365: D'Arcy

Around this time 15 years ago, we were shopping for small gifts for each other and to send home to our families. We each got each other small necklace charms, without knowing it. We went to pikkujoulu parties and trudged through the melting snow. We were ironically cheated out of a white Christmas, an indigity I still grumble over. A white Easter, oh yes, we had one of those. But a brown Christmas? What a gyp. We were a team, the best travel team ever for misadventures and giggle-fests. That's one very large pair of underpants! Tee? Hei? Tee? Hei? Lifestyles Of The Poor And Unknown! Take your damn Valio Maito! Daph, I think... I'm drunk.

We were so awesome.

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D'Arcy said...

We were SO awesome!!! I'm feeling more than a little nervous in this bank vestibule...Krisprolls and marmalade and yogurt...Do you have another map? Like of the world?...Jordgubbs!

We're the BEST.