Monday, December 11, 2006

Prayers Needed

Dear Universe-

Thank you so much for the fantastic answer you gave me today. I needed some encouragement and you gave it! Nine orders for necklaces (and matching earrings), from one person!... plus an order for a bracelet. Really, I'm overwhelmed, and full of gratitude.

However... there's just one more thing. My little beloved kitty, Tiger Lily, is very sick and she needs some help. Tomorrow I'm going to get a phone call. Please let it be good news (or at least not the bad news). She's perking up a bit tonight; I gave her some more fluids, and she ate a whole jar of baby food, so I'm encouraged. Any help you can give on this front, I'd be more than grateful.

Any anyone else out there reading, send a little prayer of health to a little black-and-white sweet kitty who needs some good news. Thanks.

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