Sunday, December 10, 2006

Catching Up

Well, actually am too tired to do a good job of catching up, but this has been a busy week.

Little Tiger Lily has been sick all week, poor thing. She's still not feeling great... I think she still has a fever. She's on antibiotics, and I gave her some fluids today (I felt very Super Mom as I rigged up the IV for sub-q fluids!). But she's still very lethargic, and very warm. I think I have to take her back in tomorrow (Monday). Poor little baby, it just breaks my heart. I wonder what's got her? Hopefully a virus that will eventually go away, but I'm worried about the fever.

Terri and I have also both been sick all week, with a little cold that thankfully never got full-blown, but enough to put us under the weather.

Also, a computer problem has been a week-long annoyance. We've found a solution and Terri is working HARD to get caught up to get the dissertation to print!

I ended up doing the holiday bazaar on Saturday with Brandy. Um, fiasco? It was kind of, well, bad. No, it wasn't bad, but it was disappointing and miserable weather. We shared a booth, and there was one other booth next to us, and a little table. Including us, 4 vendors. Pretty pitiful showing of vendors. Santa was there, and the kids were cute, but it was just sort of pitiful all around. We actually had to stand there and hold down the front corners of the booth so it wouldn't blow away, and then at the end, it DUMPED rain, which was fun to tear-down in. Thankfully her parents were there and helped us or it would have been pretty awful. Oh, and we sold virtually nothing until the very end when the organizers felt sorry for us and bought a few little things. Which was kind of them.

I came home and just plopped in front of the TV and watched Hidalgo. Three hours of desert horse racing... actually, it was just what I needed. It was a pretty movie... not too much depth, but definitely pretty.

Today I have been cooking and doing laundry all day. My feet are killing me!

However, I am grateful for all the learning experiences lately... the outdoor show wasn't fun, but we learned that we don't want to do those in the winter! And, learned a few things about the booth thing, too.

Anyway. I'm wiped. Time to get the last load out from the dryer and call it a night.

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