Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pieces Of Me

While checking for the most recent photo evidence of my dad's fishing obsession, I came across this picture.

This is a picture of the Siletz river; I am assuming, (by the large chunk of concrete sticking out of the river) under a bridge. It's exactly what I think of when I think of the most peaceful, soul-soothing atmosphere for me. I spent a large piece of my childhood in exactly this kind of place... tottering down steep slopes, grabbing on to ferns and small trees for support, to get down to the fishing hole.

I know what this smells like, too: moss, green water, fresh leaves. A slight chill in the air from the water. It's perfect. I love the green filtered light and the fast-running, almost silent water.

If we could have a little just-right house where I could walk to somewhere like this, I would be happy. Like, deliriously, dream-come-true, I'd never-ask-for-anything-else kind of happy. If it were in my backyard, I might just keel over from happiness.

Hey Universe, I'm just sayin'.

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