Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wax on, wax off

Well, we went and painted anyway. I am now covered in paint. Terri had a fine sprinkling of paint all over her face at one point, from looking up at the ceiling as she painted. It was kinda cute.

A few blessings:
  • The new trim paint is the same color as the old, so it's very easy to apply (sloppily)
  • It's flat paint so it's going on pretty easily
  • We got a lot done in spite of ourselves

It still sucks. And we got paint on the floor. Luckily I have Super Dad who knows everything who told us how to get it off the floor later.

I'm struggling with wanting to get everything done at once. I want the old house painted and cleaned, and I want the new house all put away, and IKEA furniture assembled, and laundry done, and new things purchased, and window coverings made, and everything. All done, right now. But I might have to wait and do them one at a time like everyone else.

So, it looks like we're doing all the cleaning and painting ourselves, fantasies about hiring young strapping college students put to the wayside for now. It's okay. It'll get done. Amazingly, we're doing pretty good. It's just a waste of a perfectly good day.

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