Monday, June 12, 2006

...In 'which Terri Rocks...

In this part of the story, Miss Tiger Terri totally rocks the house by putting in 5 hours of hard labor painting and repairing at the old place. It just doesn't seem right that it should take so much work to move out of a place, but I guess that's what happens when you've been there for 10 years and you have a crappy landlord. But anyway, she rocks. Now there's just a little bit of painting left to do and the floors and bathroom. Woohoo! The goal is to have it all done by Friday (or on Friday) so we can use the weekend to put away our new house.

And, she gained another 2 degrees in dorsiflexion in her ankle. Which means she's that much closer to not having to have surgery. Yay! Go Terri, go Terri!

As for me, I'm feeling very.... tired. Having to do with my period being here, and lots of physical work, and just... lots to do. But it's okay.

Tonight we are having Red Lentil Dal... it's so delicious and yummy. Not on my tummy food list (it has coconut milk, but I am using the 'lite' version...), but it's easy, delish, and makes for good lunches later. And I remembered that we have merengue cookies for dessert.

Well, back to putting away the kitchen. If the kitchen works, the rest of the house can function. That's my theory, at least. The kitchen and the bathroom. The rest you can work around.

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