Thursday, October 15, 2009

Excellent Video Re: The XMRV Virus and CFS

This is a great, level-headed and easy-to-understand video about what the discovery of the xmrv virus means in regards to CFS. I keep having trouble with it at around the 4.15 mark, but hopefully it will play. Originally posted at Maybe it's just my computer -- it plays fine on Terri's... the end is especially moving. She says, "to all those who are close to giving up with this illness, this is the WRONG time to give up, this is absolutely the wrong time to give up. Have a party! Celebrate! Make it a fundraiser!"

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Anyway, good information and reminders not to get ahead of ourselves, but still a wonderful message of hope. Share this with others if you know anyone with CFS or Fibro!

Poor Terri has been doing so much studying and research on this that she's having a bit of a crash. She said tonight that part of what's so hard about this particular moment is that "so close, yet so far" feeling... however, I think there's lots of reasons to hang in there. We're hanging in there and thanking the small dedicated group of scientists who haven't given up! Very interested to see what comes next... we might have a holiday fundraiser party to help donate to research!

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