Monday, May 18, 2009

The Weekend

Here's a newsflash: Sometimes when you are really tired and don't know it, you get really crabby. Who knew?

Saturday was just a big grump-fest at our house. Terri wasn't feeling well and I was just totally out of sorts. I don't even know what I did. It was super hot, our house was way too warm, and we were all prickly. Eventually I left to babysit a really cute kid and that helped (going out with cute kid to ice cream also helped), but mostly I just needed to sleep. A lot. So I did.

Sunday was way better. Suddenly in a good mood, but still way too warm, I was inspired to go get an inexpensive bedroom air conditioner so that there would be at least one cool room in the house on really hot days. Our cats are all elderly and Terri isn't doing well in the heat with the Valcyte treatment. I figured it was worth it to have kitties not panting and Terri not sweltering. So I got the AC, installed it, and within minutes, everyone was happy. Amazing how that happened. All of a sudden, all five of us (well, we tried to get Tiger Lily in the bedroom but for some reason she preferred being out in the hot living room) were in the cool bedroom. The cats were happily sleeping, Terri and I were reading and eating Fudgesicles. It was almost comical how much happier we all were.

The rest of the day was good as well. I went grocery shopping and it wasn't a madhouse. We had iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing for dinner. I finished my Ugly Bathroom painting. Etc.

So. The Ugly Bathroom. I warned you, it's ugly. Here's the linoleum, whose sole positive attribute is that it doesn't show dirt AT ALL.

Here is the sink corner. You can see the lovely pale mustard yellow, which is echoed in the toilet as well. And the nondescript sort-of-grayish-off-white paint. Lovely, no? I think I need a window treatment. I think that would help.

So, given the glorious color scheme, I decided to sort of embrace it. This is what I came up with. I had this idea that it would be cream, yellow and black, and I like the end results. I wanted it very simple, graphic and sort of modern-ish. Also, I like Gorey and this reminds me of Gorey-style trees. It's totally unlike my usual style, subject, or color palette but I kind of like it anyway. At the very least, now we have something on the wall above the toilet so there's not this huge ugly expanse of gray wall.

Today is Monday and it's my third day off, which is saving my life and sanity (have three days off). I think I was so sick and wiped out last week -- I needed the extra day to catch up. Today I actually feel pretty good. I woke up feeling kind of drugged but I think I'm getting used to my new allergy medicine (maybe? I don't know. Maybe I'm just still tired). But I got up and decided to make the rhubarb pie first thing.

While the pie baked, I went out and sat on our newly-bedecked deck (get it?). Cleo came out with me and sniffed all the flowers and herbs. I've got petunias and alyssum in the hanging pots, and lemon verbena and dill in another hanging pot. Then there's lavender, basil, stevia, some geraniums, and a cherry tomato. That's plenty. And the new chair. Isn't it pretty? It's so calm and peaceful, with the nice city view (which you can't really see in this photo). Perfect for having some tea and reading, which is what I did.

Finally, a cute cat picture. The other day Katie had her tongue out, and kept it out while I took tons of photos. Insanely adorable, so you'll see more of those pictures in the next few days.

The rest of today is going to be spent dropping some stuff off at the thrift store, reading, eating some pie, and a bit of babysitting in the evening (which means sitting on the couch and reading some more). I *so* needed this weekend. Whew.


Tammie said...

i love it when cats stick their tongue out a cute!

the creepy trees are amazing. its very eye catching.

the pie looks delicious and your deck looks so relaxing.

oh and i hear ya about the heat..its gonna be a long hot summer.

Stefanie said...

Tired and hungry at my house means grumpfest. Glad things are looking up. I love your painting the trees look like they might walk away but not in a scary way. The pie looks delicious. The bedecked deck is lovely. And Katie is a cutie. yup, things are definitely looking up. :)

Kate said...

I love it!!! I love the Ugly Bathroom painting!!!! Seriously, it's AWESOME.

I get super cranky when I'm uncomfortably warm to hot. It's sort of insane, but the same thing happens to me...once I cool off, literally, I'm much happier.

Nicola Ries Taggart said...

Painting is GREAT.

Pie looks amazing.

You inspire me (to do what, I am still figuring out).

Miss D. said...

Tammie: I love the cute little tongues. cats are usually so dignified that it's adorable when the little bit of tongue is out. Thanks for all the nice comments and for not commenting on the ugly linoleum. :)

Stefanie: you're right, they do look like they might walk! I think I need to do another tree painting.

Kate: thanks! I should do a series titled "The Ugly Bathroom Paintings"

Nicki: I'm so glad I inspire you to... whatever it is you end up being inspired to do. :)

Nymeth said...

Love the kitty picture. And I agree, those trees do look sort of Gorey-ish. They're awesome!

Also, pie! Pie always makes life so much better.