Monday, May 18, 2009

Book: Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home

...And Other Unwieldy Book Titles.

But seriously. More from the files of Daphne's Random Library Picks. I got this book simply because it sounded kind of interesting, and because Cleo and Tiger Lily always seem to be waiting for me at the top of the stairs when I come home (which is adorable) and because I *know* Katie has a psychic link to Terri. It's one of those books that I always want to leaf through but don't want to buy. Thank you, library!

And a good thing, too, because aside from some awfully adorable anecdotal stories, this book spends a lot of time pleading with the scientific community to stop dismissing animal ESP, telepathy, precognition, etc. as pseudo-science, and pay more attention to it! Because it is very important! The importance of animal telepathy cannot be overstated! How can you ignore what is clearly going on right under your noses! Animal ESP!!!

Actually, he didn't have to work that hard to convince me. Anyone who spends any amount of time with dogs, cats, or horses will tell you that there is definitely an emotional link, and sometimes certainly a psychic link as well. Pet owners, animal trainers and other people who are around animals all the time just take it for granted. I know I do. Dogs and kitties always know when you are going on a trip. They usually know when you are sad, or hurt. Often they will respond to commands you are thinking about, before you have said them. I have seen all these things happen with my own pets, but never thought much about it. It's striking to read all the accounts this scientist (?) has racked up.

One example that I thought was interesting was a case where they filmed a dog at her home alone, and also filmed her owner, out about 40 miles away. At a randomly chosen time, they sent a page to the owner signalling her that it was time for her to head home. Two seconds after she received the page (right when she would be starting to think about heading home), the dog awoke from her nap, perked up her ears, and headed to the door to await her owner. There were lots of other examples like this, but mostly I paid no attention to any scientific claims or explanations, and just read the cute stories.

Our little girl Katie has a deep link with Terri, and knows when Terri is having a hard day or is feeling sad -- she chirps, comes over to Terri, puts her paws on her face, snuggles and purrs until Terri feels better. She does this with me, too. If I'm feeling blue, and come into the bedroom, she comes over to me and snuggles up, laying her paw across my arm, or 'holding paws' with me, looking deeply into my eyes until I smile. She is a very sensitive kitty. The other two, while they do seem to know when I'm near home (and go out to greet me), are not as demonstrative. However, Cleo is very attached to Terri and will snuggle and purr with her, which she never did before. I'm now wondering if its because she knows Terri doesn't feel well, and is doing her part to comfort her.

Tiger Lily, the dear silly, just is adorable and loving all the time, so I don't notice any difference.

However, after reading (skimming, really) this book, I now really, really want a dog. Or two. And maybe a horse.I don't think my landlady with go for that. But you never know! I could offer her free pet therapy.

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