Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm A Wiener!

Ahem. Also known, in more mature circles, as winner.

Two of my favorite bloggers, Lara over at CakeStarr, and Susan at You Can Never Have Too Many Books, each nominated me for a sweet blog award. Aw! I award them right back at you!

I love Lara's cheerful and creative blog all about her amazing bakery creations -- she is truly amazing, and as a recipient of many of her efforts, I can say that her recipes are easy, delicious, and totally worth the calories. I aspire to her levels of frosting derring-do.

Susan's blog is all about her love of books, and since we have such similar taste in books I always make time to go over and check out her latest! She loves the exact sort of science fiction, fantasy and horror that I do, and I have gotten some great recommendations from her. In fact, she is the reason why I read The Terror, which we all know I loved ferociously!

And now for the part I hate: I must choose a bunch of bloggers to award these to in return. Of course I would like to nominate everyone, because all bloggers put their heart into what they write, and I appreciate it all. However, I'll just choose a few that are near and dear to me. But you're all wieners in my book! (and I don't know what happened to the formatting of this post... you'll have to suffer through bad typography...)

Here are the rules:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to other blogs that you love. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award. (but I'll take you off the hook and if you just want to gracefully accept and not pass it on, I promise, there will be no bad luck and no disappointed fairies)

(please choose whichever adorable award you'd like to accept and pass on)

1. CFS Warrior: my own sweetie, who writes with heart and soul about her fight to overcome this illness. Her posts are always very real and honest, and she takes my breath away with her bravery.

2. Cake and Icing: Witty and often hilarious offerings from Miss Cupcake, who writes about food, fashion, and the never-ending task of deciding when you are truly enough. (PS: here's a hint: Right Now!)

3. Lover of This Life: Sweet ramblings from a good friend. This girl likes to get out and have ADVENTURES. An inspiration.

4. Irregular Tammie: Crafty mama who has never tasted rhubarb. I aim to fix that.

5. What Kate's Reading: Kate and I met through our mutual love of John Bellairs, and the rest is history. I adore Kate's occasional series: Unbuttoned Yet Tucked In, a critique of romance novels chosen based on the state of the cover hero's shirt (untucked, yet tucked in... how do they do that?)

6. Things Mean A Lot: Nymeth is a regular in the book-blog circles that I read. She posts an incredibly high volume of wonderful books, the volume of which I am incredibly envious. Things are never boring over at her blog.

7. So Many Books: I am amazed at Stefanie's ability to consistently pull together such interesting reading-related posts. She's in library school (how cool is that?) and has excellent taste in books, plus her book-and-reading-related posts are always fascinating.

8. In The Learning: my dear friend D'Arcy's blog about life, teaching, kids, and ABBA. Not necessarily in that order.


Tammie said...

oooh. thank you. im so excited to be a wiener! i wonder how my husband will feel about me being a wiener....he's pretty open minded. (the circles i am in are not mature at all, can you tell?)

i looked for rhubarb at the store today to no avail. what is up with that?!?!

Miss D. said...

Totally! Come on. If we can get avocadoes from Peru, you should be able to get rhubarb in Florida. Geez.

Wiener, wiener, wiener. It just makes me happy to say "wiener". Hope your husband doesn't mind having a(nother?) wiener in the house.


Tammie said...

well he doesnt mind the bag of fake ones i keep hidden in the closet so im sure hes not gonna care about this one!


Daphne said...

Definitely a keeper! :)

(I notice we are the only ones participating in this conversation. Hmmm...) :)

D'Arcy said...


Nymeth said...

Aww, thank you so much, Daphne! I love your blog :D

Stefanie said...

Thanks Daphne! You're so sweet. I'm happy to be a wiener :)

babybuddhalover said...

Thank You Daphne for the award! I am finally moved and can pass it on!

Kate said...

Aw, thanks so much! I'm proud to be a weiner!