Friday, May 22, 2009

An Attack of Gratitude

At the bottom of the ladder on my favorite Bay Area hike (yes, I do like it especially because it has a ladder). You can see my ski poles down at the left -- essential tools for this steep hike. Photo again by Brother.

This morning, I don't know why, but I had a sudden attack of gratitude for many things. For a few weeks now, it has felt as though my brain has been in the grip of of a particularly stubborn fit of grumpiness. Actually, I think I've just been tired, plus sick (and bee-stung!), plus more busy than usual and under more pressure than usual (a number of freelance projects, etc.). Which tells me how close to the edge I usually am. However, I'd like to get back onto this side of the edge (fairly happy), rather than that side edge (very grumpy). This little gratitude influx feels like a good start.

A sampling of the wave of gratitude:
* for my own general health (thank God)
* that, rent aside, it's fairly easy to live frugally in a large city, if you're creative (which I am, which, again, I'm grateful for). For instance, I have at least 10 great thrift stores within a 15 minute drive in any direction. It's awesome.
* for our really nice little apartment, which suits us very well. And the deck, so pretty.
* for my job and general opportunities (so very grateful)
* for books and my love of reading (it's easy to be entertained if you love reading), and, piggybacking on this, for a large library system with an awesome request system
* and of course, last but certainly not least, for Terri, who has taken such good care of me these past few weeks when I've obviously not been myself. She is the best.

Speaking of Terri, last night she suggested I do another round of the detox diet. Duh! That's a very good idea. So starting next Tuesday (because it's difficult to start this on a weekend; besides, I need to shop for it), it's a week of just fruits, veggies, and rice, plus some random supplements and probiotics. I always feel SO much better after a week or so of this diet, and it's the perfect time for it, with all the yummy things popping up at the grocery store and farmer's market.

Anyway. Looking forward to the weekend. With my "new things" plan in mind, I have some fun projects to work on. Including, perhaps, a mini canning session? The mind boggles. My parents canned all the time and I learned how, but haven't done it in YEARS. I just want to make one batch of something small. I have to figure out what I need. Hmmm. See? New project!


Nymeth said...

I need to stop for a moment and remember what I'm grateful for too. It's so easy to take things for granted. I've been a bit grumpy too, and I think that would help.

Have a fabulous weekend :)

Tammie said...

glad your feeling less grumpy. :)
canning? hmm. i've never done that. my mom made her own jam when i was a little girl but other than that i know nothing about it. intriguing.

the other morning i went for a walk and got bit by a mosquito right in the middle of my forehead--it made a giant red knob and because i have really short hair, there was no covering it up. it reminded me of your bee incident.

Miss D. said...

Nymeth: i heard recently that mercury is in retrograde. Maybe that has something to do with all the grumpiness lately...

Tammie: I'm afraid of the canning -- my parents canned hundreds of jars, but of course the one time that sticks out to me was the time one of the jars shattered and sprayed hot plums or whatever all over my mom. :)

I hope your mosquito bite heals soon -- nice!!