Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just For Kicks

After my rollerblade debacle I decided to try something a little less... slippery. I got an inexpensive kick scooter! (an adult-size Razor) I rode it to work today and can I just say... I looooove it.

I only live a mile away from work and so I am constantly feeling guilty that I don't walk or ride my bike to work. However, often I have to run all sorts of errands immediately after work so driving makes sense on those days. But on the days when I don't have to run those errands, I really would like to get to work in a little more Earth-friendly way.

I have a great bike, it's all cruiser-friendly, but frankly riding a bike to work is a pain. And I have plenty of bike-commute experience under my belt in all sorts of conditions and weather, so I have all the gear and the mindset. But when you have to dress up for work, it's a pain to deal with greasy chains, seats that rub their black polish off on your pants, dirty tires, etc. Not to mention the heavy lock, etc. So either I have to bring all my clothes with me and wear biking clothes for one mile, or I dress down and feel schlumpy all day. Neither of which are the end of the world, but for just one mile it feels like a lot of effort.

I have walked to work and that's fine, but I have kind of a bad neck/back and hauling all my stuff on my back really didn't feel good. I ended up with a lot of stiffness and pain. Also not so good.

Enter the kick scooter! Not only is it totally lightweight and easy to maneuver, it's so much fun and so much less hassle. It doesn't take much effort so I didn't get all sweaty in my work clothes, but it's enough exercise that I felt good by the time I got to work. I just wore regular flats and regular work clothes (albeit on the casual side), and put my stuff in a messenger bag. Because my back/body is moving and changing angles, it didn't get as fatigued/stiff as it does when I walk while hauling my stuff. And no dirty bike rub-off. Plus, mega fun factor.

You know what it felt like -- it felt like how, in a dream, sometimes you're able to walk really really fast and sort of glide over the ground -- but you're not running or flying. It felt like being on one of those people-mover sidewalks. Just a little faster than walking, but not that much more effort. Plus with a big smile.

So. Obviously I am thrilled with this new toy. I want to try to take it whenever I don't have running-around to do immediately after work. If it goes well, then maybe in the spring I will treat myself to one of these for even more efficiency. It helps that Alameda is ideal scooter terrain -- it's all flat, paved, with low traffic and minimal interruptions. Have to take advantage of the Alameda perks.

Of course, what I really want is one of these (see right). Just for Alameda and the East Bay. Enough to do my errands, get a bag of groceries, get to work... not have to drive the car. I really, really want one. Maybe next year. Maybe. Boy do I want one. Aren't they cute? And so affordable (relatively speaking). Yes. Want.

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Eva said...

Glad you have a new car! One of my goals in life is to life in a European city where I can ride a scooter and not stand out. I just think they're so friggin' cute! ;)