Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kickin' It Old School

There's more than one way to usher in my favorite season: Fall. Some people put up autumn decorations, build fires, display pumpkins, or finish canning the summer's harvest.

Me? I take Fall literally.

I wanted to get a little exercise today, but the thought of going for a walk bored me to pieces and my knee still acts up a little when I try to run (I think I need new shoes), so I thought maybe some sort of exercise involving wheels might be more fun. I have a great bike, but the tires are flat and I don't have a tire pump. We are not far from a gas station but that's a drag to walk a flat-tired bike over to the air pump there. Note to self: get bike pump.

So that left my other alternative: rollerblades. I know, I know, how 1990s. But c'mon, they're fun. And scary. Fun and scary sounded just about right.

So I hauled them out, dusted them off, and put them on. Then I took my first wheeled step in over 5 years... and promptly fell right on my butt. Full-on cartoon-style -- feet flying out from under me, me falling straight down on my rear, legs splayed out in front. What can you do? I laughed, dusted myself off, tried again.

I managed to get steady enough to roll around for a few blocks. To say that the sidewalks in my neighborhood are uneven is putting it kindly. The streets are better. It was actually really really fun. I might keep them out for awhile.

And now, I totally want one of these. I have this idea that I could actually ride it to work some days. Much less wobbly than rollerblades.

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Eva said...


I'm sure the same thing would happen if I tried to roller-blade now; I was a champ back in the day though!