Thursday, May 22, 2008

One Week And Counting...

A week from now I will hopefully be all done with my final, and then will have two glorious months free from chemical equations and electrical gradients. I can't tell you how much I can't wait. Tonight in our lab, two of my tablemates were trying to figure out 'what you had to get on the final to get an A'. This type of guesswork and grade-gambling drives me crazy. If I knew I had to get 180 questions right out of 200 (or whatever), then I would be carefully assessing every question to determine if it was right or wrong, and keeping a tally, and doing everything except just trying to do the damn test. So, I purposefully tuned them out. I don't want to know. I just have to put my head down and study from here to next Thursday with all I've got.

I really don't feel like it.

What I feel like doing is taking a two week vacation. Starting now.

Sigh. One more week in the trenches.

What will I do over my break?

I will read like a fiend.
Pick up running again (buy new shoes).
Create some art -- try something new.
Clean the house really well.
Go to farmer's markets and buy lots of fresh veggies and fruits.
Catch up on sleep.

Even though it's only six hours per week (plus study time) I feel like I'll be getting my life back. I hope the fall classes are not as mentally consuming as this was. Because really? I'm tired.

I'd like to think deep thoughts and write about something other than daily doings (and books) here. I'd like to be growing and changing as a person, as an artist, as a friend, as a partner. But I've got this huge block in front of that creative part of my brain. It's like, "No, don't go there! You'll never come back!"... Must... Stay... In... Rational... Brain... ... One... More... Week...

At least I enjoy being a student. I got a compliment tonight (unrelated to being a student). The girls at my table (all in their early 20s) were lamenting how after age 21, birthdays just aren't as exciting. I said something like, "Wait until after your 30th." They all looked at me, mouths agape. "You're over 30??" They had put me at 26. Thank you very much, my almost-34-year-old ego will take that and tuck it away to pull out when I'm fretting over lines and achy knees.

Well, I actually had plans to write about something more interesting than school, but my brain has put up that creative barrier quite nicely and is instead nagging that I need to write my teacher about those action potential notes, and maybe I need to be re-reading Tuesday's notes again, and...

It's okay. It's just what's going on right now.

Also what's going on right now is Terri is starting a new treatment. Read all about it here. We'll know in a few weeks if she has Lyme or not. It's pretty darned exciting.

Allrighty. I've bored you long enough. I'm boring myself.

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