Friday, February 01, 2008

No Stopping

I'm too mad and it's too dark to go out and take a photo of the actual sign that is now posted, repeatedly, on the other side of our street.

Why? I don't understand. It's not even a "No Parking." It's no STOPPING. On a little dead-end street. I don't get it. We just lost half our street parking.
I'm so frustrated and angry because 1. we weren't notified and 2. our garage is so small and the street it's on is so narrow that it is very difficult to park inside the garage (you have to be exactly in line with the garage opening, and it's very difficult to get the car that straight when I'm worried about backing up into the cars parked on the narrow street. If you live in San Francisco, you know what I mean. I just didn't expect it in Alameda). I guess I'll have to do some serious reorganization in there to take advantage of the space we have, but I'm seriously frustrated, with nowhere to direct it. Luckily it's already pretty organized... I just have to get everything as compact as possible now. It just seems like we had a nice situation and now the parking stress got increased by 50%.

I know it seems silly but it just makes me want to cry. The signs don't make any sense to me (although I'm sure there was a reason). I don't want to go back to the parking situation we had in Oakland. I should be grateful that we have a one-car garage, and I am, but it's still very frustrating.

I guess next weekend, after my test, I'll see what can be done to maximize the space in the garage. Anyone know a really inexpensive place for large garage shelving?

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