Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Five

Wow, these are bright.
It's Friday. I am not feeling well. At. All. Suddenly, and for no particular reason. Oh well.

To distract myself, it's time for a list! Haven't had one of those in awhile.

1. What can't you leave home without?
Lipstick. I'm my mother's daughter. Also, must have earrings on. If I have those two things, plus my ATM card, I'm ready for anything.

2. What is your favorite clothing item in your closet?
Currently, this is a difficult question to answer. However, I do like the gray wrap I just got. I also like most of my shoes. I'm hoping to slowly upgrade my wardrobe. I have a vision of a well-organized closet with a small selection of very well-made clothing, plus a few bright fun pieces to make it current. Next on the list are two of these shirts.

3. What music is on repeat mode in your MP3 player nowadays?
Um... all of it. I just keep my player and my iTunes on shuffle all the time. I feel bad for the songs that don't get played so I feel like this way, they all get a chance.

4. What was the last movie you enjoyed thoroughly?
Well, I really liked Miss Potter. I also liked The Bourne Ultimatum. I'm kind of a dud when it comes to movies. I tend to get bored, I don't know why. I'd rather be reading. Why is that, I wonder?

5. What current TV show do you look forward to weekly?
We are loving Project Runway, but of course that's almost over for this season. I think Christian will win. I've been watching Ghost Hunters International because it seems like it should be great -- ghost hunting in all these ancient haunted places all over the world... right? Actually, it sort of sucks. I hate all the hunters, and they never find anything good. Mostly I watch to try and make myself happy while I wait for the new season of the regular Ghost Hunters. I'm ashamed to say that we will watch the new season of America's Next Top Model -- we are addicted to those makeovers!

Speaking of ghost hunting, I have to get out and use the new dowsing rods that Terri gave me for Christmas. I just have to make the time. They're so nice, I can't wait to get out and try it. I wish I could take a class on using them. Hmm.

Anyway, supposed to be a big huge storm this weekend. I have to study so that's just as well... gotta come up with some yummy things to keep us cozy and sedate while the storm rages. Maybe some more coconut noodles, oh my goodness I'm addicted to those.

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