Thursday, December 13, 2007


Last Friday we went out for a little stroll at Jack London Square, just across the water. It's always so pretty there at Christmas time. And cold! I don't know why the lights seem to be so much brighter there than most other places. I can almost convince myself that there is snow on the ground when I'm over at JL Square during the holidays. Wishful thinking, but still. Wouldn't just a week or two of snow be perfect right about now? Yes, yes it would.

We went to the bookstore and poked around for a bit. Found a goofy calendar which we both fell in love with. I won't even tell you the theme of the calendar -- that's how dorky it is. Well, okay, I'll tell you. It's about dragons. Yes, dragons. Maybe because we've got some big dragons to slay in the coming year. Also, the art in the calendar is beautiful. So there.

We also got some new plates at Cost Plus. They are a very beautiful indigo blue, with starburst cherry blossoms. We only bought two, and thought we would just buy one or two as we can and build a set. They go with our current dishes, so my Virgo is satisfied. Cannot... have... unmatching... dish sets!! Which reminds me, last night I had a dream that I was going to be queen, and I was all obessed with picking out my china pattern. "I get to choose my official china, right? Right? Right!?"

It's fun to walk around at night and pretend that you are a secret agent. I'm just sayin'. You might want to try it sometime soon.

But even secret agents get hungry, so we went to one of our favorite places, Zza's Trattoria. They have the best thin-crust pizzas. Yum. Anyway. Did you know that my beloved partner is a prankster? Yes she is. Her favorite trick at home is to use her cell phone to call our house phone, over and over, and act all suprised and angry that someone keeps calling and hanging up. She does this at least once a week. And I fall for it at least once a week. Apparently I am incapable of remembering this trick (which tickles Terri to death).

Anyway. At Zza's, we have a clear view of the front desk. It's late, there's almost no one there; the girl at the front desk is on a personal call. Terri grabs the phone and starts dialling.

The girl clicks over to answer the phone... but of course no one is there. This happens a number of times (each time getting progressively funnier, since we are sitting behind her and it never occurs to her to look around at the patrons...).

Finally she gets off the phone (the girl, not Terri). The restaurant phone rings again. And again. The girl, instead of getting mad, is puzzled (which is just killing us). She actually picks up the phone and starts testing connecting wires and such, looking so puzzled.

Finally we take pity on her and stop calling. It was all we could do to not fall on the floor. I was mostly laughing at Terri, who got an astounding amount of joy out of this prank.

Isn't it just the best when someone you love is laughing and so happy? I felt a tiny bit bad for the girl, but it really was so funny and she wasn't busy, so no harm done. Right? Right. And there is a little someone (pictured above) who needed those deep belly laughs.

I think next time the phone rings at home, I'll let the machine get it.

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sasha said...

i am impressed with this Courage To Prank. i am such a wimp. but it was obviously worth it. even I cracked up, secondhand!!!