Wednesday, November 28, 2007

x365: Jason M.

We had a lot of Jasons in our class. In fact, we had two Jason M's. This Jason is not the Jason that used to draw mazes. It's the other Jason. When we were in elementary school, he was the king of the "Motorcycle Gang." This was a 'gang' of kids that would run around the playground in a line formation, hands out in front of them on the 'handlebars', making motorcycle sounds as they 'rode' around the whole playground. Vrrroooom, vrrrrooooooooooom! I got to be a part of the Motorcycle Gang once or twice. I have to admit, it was fun. Sometimes before I go to sleep at night I'll think about what to felt like to run around the playground, arms outstretched in front, making the Vroom sound, taking the corners a little too sharply.

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