Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holiday List

This year I feel so much more enthusiastic and also relaxed about the holidays. I'm actually looking forward to a whole month of holiday music and decorations. Usually I can't stand it until about two weeks before Christmas. So maybe I'm relaxing a little. What a relief, to actually enjoy the holidays.

Old Traditions To Keep or Restart:
  • Make 3-4 batches holiday cookies to give away and have around. Including gingerbread cutouts. With icing and red-hots.
  • Decorate the tree together, with holiday music and an xmas special on TV.
  • Driving around to look at the lights.
  • A walk in downtown SF to see the shopfronts.
  • Set up Holiday Village (somewhere...)
  • Rickety dishevled lights in our windows.

New Traditions To Start (or try out)

  • Going to Advent services.
  • Making some holiday crafts for around the house.
  • Help someone else out (volunteering at Girls Inc... maybe somewhere else as well)
  • Get a wreath for the door.
  • New PJs on Christmas Eve.

I'm sure there will be more to come. And lots of spiced tea, coffee with eggnog on Sundays, and wintry evening walks. I can't wait.

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