Monday, November 12, 2007

Trial and Error

Is it this way for everyone in the whole world? Trial and error? I think so. Big things and small things.

Like gym clothes (one of the big things). Today I bought a new gym outfit at TJ Maxx. I felt better in my clothes yesterday so I got another version of it: yoga pants and a T-shirt. This T-shirt is pretty green and has stripes on the arm. It's cute. It's like a powder-puff football shirt. And, it's big enough that I won't feel self-conscious in it at the gym.

(small aside: it took me a long time to feel comfortable wearing clothes that weren't enormous on me. I think, however, at the gym it's a different story)

So, I'm going through my workout/lounge clothes drawer and throwing out all the 'errors'. It feels good. I also think it's interesting how I can hold onto a piece of clothing for YEARS, and then suddenly be completely ready to throw it out.

I guess you just try things over and over until you figure out if they're errors or not. Sometimes it takes a really long time to figure out which camp they fall into. That's the tricky part. Sometimes I'll try something over and over (like forcing myself to figure out a new career), only to constantly be forced to acknowledge: error, error, error. And then one day: not error. I'm excited to start my nursing pre-reqs again. I've got to figure out when I can register for the class.

Then again, it might be an error. Again. I don't think so. I hope not. But it's okay either way.

One thing I know is NOT an error: Terri and the kitties snuggling at home in the big bed. Funny story: this morning I woke up and couldn't find Terri. I mean, I looked over, and all I saw was a big stack of pillows. I reached over, and her body was there. But her head was covered by a pillow. I thought, Hmm. Maybe I snored last night? I got out of bed and started to get ready. When I came back into the bedroom, she was on her back, pillow still covering her face. Also, pillow was halfway covering Katie. This time I thought, Hmm. Maybe it's too bright with the morning light? I finished getting ready and came over to say goodbye. I lifted the pillow and she sleepily opened one eye. Neither of us commented on the pillow I was holding up off her face, so just I gave her a goodbye kiss and then gently set the pillow down on her head again. She snuggled up to Katie under the pillow and went back to sleep. She said that when she woke up later, she wondered about the pillow... (and had forgotten all about the morning pillow adventures).

Sometimes you just never know what's going to work to keep you asleep. Trial and error.

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