Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pumelos and Persimmons

Went to the store today. There were pumelos and persimmons sitting right next to each other in the produce section. I've never bought either, so I thought I would try something new. Two somethings new, in fact. The only time I've tasted persimmons was in a persimmon panna cotta at Bay Wolf (a fabulous restaurant whose website design is seriously in need of updating). I have seen pumelos before but I don't think I've ever tasted one. They smell delicious, though. Like a grapefruit mixed with lemon. And about three times as large.

I spent a little more time arranging the art room. Like my upholstery job on the chair? Two pillowcases and two safety pins. I also put up more art on the wall, but I forgot to take a picture. I still need to get window coverings and then I'll take a final TA-DA series. It is really sweet how much Terri wants me to have an art room; I appreciate it so much. It's been fun to work on little projects here and there all day.

I went to the gym again. I was talking to Erin, who said she was going out on a run. I felt guilty and decided to give the gym another shot at redemption. It went a little better this time, although I did start crying on the treadmill. I don't know why I hate that treadmill so much. This time, I tried to do a 15-minute 'cardio' workout. The thing kept inclining and inclining until I seriously had to hold onto the bar or I would have slid off! Seriously. WTF? I gave up after 6 minutes (really, it was almost vertical) -- I think I need to figure out how to adjust something else on those pre-programmed things because I wasn't going very fast, just very uphill. I just felt bad/mad/sad and hopped off. And did some weights. And it went much better this time. I almost felt okay. I also liked my gym outfit better this time (long pants and a KBVR radio T-shirt).

The dedication to wellness continues at our house. Today we had our juice, plus I made homemade refried beans. Ohmygosh those are so good. Naps and walks were taken. Rest was had. It was good.

While I was at the gym, I was trying to figure out why I have such an issue with the gym itself. Maybe it stems alllll the way back to when I was living in downtown Corvallis with Erin, in our cool little (crummy) apartment. She joined the gym around the corner, and I went a few times. I was a complete disaster. That's where it became crystal-clear that I cannot do aerobics classes. Confession: in college, I signed up for an aerobics step class to get a one-credit PE class in. I hated it so much that I would change my clothes, get into the class early, sign in, and then leave. I can't remember if I dropped the class or not. I hope I did. I'm just hopeless. In Texas, with Shea, I almost made her pee her pants when we tried line dancing at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth. So me and fitness classes, we don't get along. And so maybe the whole gym experience is tainted. I walk in and am immediately transfigured into a gigantic dork.

But I do like those weight machines. As long as no one bothers me. (plus, I'm friendly!)

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Nicola said...

I totally understand your gym turmoil. I actually love the classes, but HATE the way it feels to not know how to use the machines and weights. I would strongly suggest spending the money to have a personal trainer help you set up a routine and show you the machines. That made such a difference for me when I was Portland. I was then able to walk in with confidence and my head held high ("hey, I have a workout plan from my personal trainer...I know what I am doing and I am cool!"). It totally changed the experience for me and was money well spent. I didn't meet with the trainer on a regular basis; it was just a "get started" deal.
Good luck!