Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Perfect End To The Perfect Day

(pretty flowers to make myself feel better)

Somedays are just Charlie Brown days. Today started out with a semi-Charlie Brown moment of Katie eating flowers, and then throwing them right back up. But the real Charlie Browns didn't start until around 2:00.

I left work to go to my GI (tummy) doctor appointment. I thought, I'll be back by 3:30, no problem. Plenty of time to handle any work stuff that might come up this afternoon. I had a momentary thought to bring my camera, just in case I 'saw something.' Nah, what could happen?

Let's begin. First, while in downtown Oakland Chinatown, about to cross an intersection, the car in front of me gets plowed into by a gigantic construction truck, running a red light. POW! Car parts flying everywhere, car fluids spilling all over the road, glass, etc. Luckily the people in the car were OK, they were able to get out of the car and start yelling, so I assumed they were okay. So that was a good start.

So I'm all shaky, and I get to the doctor's office barely on time. I check in and sit for 15 minutes and then they call me up to tell me that I'm at the wrong office. The insurance company had put the wrong address on my referral notification. SO. They give me the new address (I have only a vague idea where it is) and send me on my way, saying that I should hurry because it's hard to get in to see this doc. Fine. Rush, rush, drive, drive, up to Berkeley. I luck out and figure out how to get to the doctor's office, but of course I'm late so I have to wait until she can see me.

She sees me. I'm going to get tested for celiac disease and parasites (ew!). I probably have IBS, which I already figured. But, maybe there's treatment options this time around.

Out in the lobby, I borrow their phone (because of course I've forgotten my cell phone at home today) and call work to see if anything's happening. Of course stuff is happening, so I rush out of there to get back in time to catch certain people, make certain phone calls. It's 4:30. The parking garage charges me $10 for an hour of parking. Ten dollars!! Man.

On the way back to work, the gas light comes on. Of course.

Get to work at 4:45, do the stuff, call the people, all's well. Except now I have to rush back over to Oakland by 5:30 to give a key back to some petsitting clients. I rush back over there, and am so frazzled that I don't know if I'm making any sense. But, we exchange key for cash, and I head home.

Half-way home, I realize that I gave them The. Wrong. Key.

Folks, it was not a pretty moment.

I considered turning around and going right back, but by that point, I just needed to get home.

Lesson learned: I don't know. Shouldn't have gotten out of bed today?


Shea said...

Oh, no Charlie Brown. Geez. I hope today goes better. Much, much, much better. See you real soon. xo, shea

Nicola said...

Oh...sweet Daph...I am so sorry to hear about your afternoon! I think it's so interesting how one of your previous posts is about the realization of what you are trying to control to make life feel more "in control" and your afternoon was a series of experiences that were out of your control (the accident, the wrong office, etc.). C hosing love and being present and living life are truly what we are here to do. Hugs to you!