Sunday, November 12, 2006

What To Do

So I get up super-early to go take care of Miss Bailey-dog, and we go for a FREEZING walk in the park. She's happy, I'm awake, all is well. Then I come back home and have been making my list of things to do today. I have a lot of things I could/should do. Many of them involve shopping. Which is not bad, only... I got up nice and early so I should have all day to do all this stuff, right? Except that none of the stores open until 11. So I might as well have slept in (except for Bailey). Woe.

I missed my Artist Date last week so I'm going to make up for it today. I'm going to go to Ancient Ways and get a tarot reading and look at divining tools. Sounds like fun, right? I may have poked my head in the store years and years ago, when I first moved here, but haven't, since. Anyway, on my Artist Date, I'm supposed to do whatever calls to me. And divining has been calling me. So here I go.

After I get cat food, bead supplies, art supplies, and manage not to lose my temper with traffic.

Well, I'll go even if I do lose my temper. But I'm going to try not to.

So it's 9:45. I'm wondering what I ought to do. I've already cleaned the kitchen and done some other chores. I've eaten breakfast. I could start on creative projects, but I'll have to leave in about an hour anyway. And I'm kind of tired of sitting here working on creative projects and watching movies. Need to get out of the house for a bit.

Maybe I should pick a neighborhood close to where I need to go, bring a book, and have a lovely cup of coffee and just be for a few minutes. Because what I really want to do today is snuggle in bed, read, and maybe take a nap. But it's too damn sunny for that. Oh well.

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