Monday, October 02, 2006

Beach Glass After The Tidal Wave

Sometimes, you know, life just throws you a big old tidal wave of disaster and stress.

And then, once the water recedes, sometimes you find beautiful beach glass.

Today I've been feeling totally overwhelmed and frightened. Very scared about business stuff, very nervous about Terri's health, worried about money, etc. Feeling the tidal wave of stress mounting.

And then, suddenly, I get a few glimmers of hope -- beach glass. I keep looking at my website and I like it very much. It makes me happy. I feel better about just letting my jewelry business build itself without worrying too much about pushing things. And then I get a phone call from a potential pet client which could bring in a nice income each week/month and still totally fit into my current schedule.

And that phone call made me think: Hmm. Maybe it really isn't a bad idea to think about doing this pet-sitting stuff on a regular basis, as a solid base while I figure out how to bring in the rest of the money through art. I'm a good designer, I can make terrific promotional things. I have a working knowledge of how to advertise. I could potentially be very busy doing this.

So, I'm feeling more positive. Thanks, Universe. I needed that.

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