Sunday, October 29, 2006

Baker Beach

Just got home from a very nice, perfect walk on Baker Beach with Alex. What a terrific morning. We met up early, went and got coffee, and then went out to Baker Beach and had a just-right foggy, overcast, uncrowded beach walk. It was exactly what we both had wanted, and we got to see a little seal frolicking in the waves, too.

The day started on a questionable note, however; I had made peanut butter toast to eat in the car on the way over, and when I got out to my car, I don't quite know what happened, but both pieces of toast flipped out of my hand and onto the street, peanut butter side down, of course. So then I had gravel toast. Which I didn't eat. It was sad.

After the perfect walk, we went out to Geary and had breakfast. The egg and bacon was fine, but this was the worst waffle I have ever had in my life. I'm not one to turn down even so-so waffles, but I almost didn't eat this one. I didn't know waffles could be made out of cardboard. They were even difficult to cut. I should have complained, but I ate them instead. Hey, I was hungry. But I'll never order waffles there again.

The day stayed pleasantly overcast and chilly all through breakfast, and then that dratted sun came out. It's not even nice, pretty sparkly autumn sunshine, it's that horrible glaring too-bright sun that I find utterly depressing. So I'm staying in and taking advantage of the daylight to finish up some beading and watch a Halloween special. Lots of creative projects to do today but I think I'll just stick with the two necklaces, and hopefully get the drawing done that I intend to. And, I WON'T do housework. See? I'm growing!

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