Saturday, September 16, 2006


Somehow this birthday number has registered with me nearly not at all. I'm like 32? What's the big deal? Just a number. I may feel differently about 35.

Short and sweet birthday roundup (more later)
  • Started off the day with lovely facial at International Orange. Nice, relaxing, yummy-smelling. My skin looks terrific. They recommended a much lighter face moisturizer (an oil, actually), which I didn't buy, but now I'm thinking about.
  • Then, on to the haircut and color (Terri had one at the same time, same place). I love my hairdresser. Cut: nearly the same, but looking good. Color: much brighter, much better. Yay!
  • Then: quick lunch at Fritjes. French fries with curry ketchup and smoky honey mustard. Yum.
  • Then: drop off Terri to see clients. I went off to have a girly few hours by myself.
  • First stop: Benefit counter for brow shape-up. This went well, sort of. Brows: Aces. Makeup cosultation afterwards: disaster. I left nearly in tears. Too much bronzer, too much icky eye shadow, messy mascara. I hate hate hate bad makeup counter experiences. Makeup shopping (and makeovers) should be really fun, and you should come away looking better, more fabulous than before. Not overly orange and with smudgy puffy pink eyes.
  • So, damage control: walked to Nordstrom and stalked the MAC counter until someone was able to help me. A lovely girl named Samantha who had great eye makeup. She was great. Took OFF all my old makeup, and did a COMPLETE makeup job, which looked FAB. New colors for me, some new tips, and a super-nice girl to boot. I bought some new eyeshadow, eyeliner and foundation from her.
  • Then, some new perfume.
  • Then, a new jacket ($35!) from H&M.
  • Then, off to pick up Terri.
  • Then, a very, very sweet dinner at Lyon's in Emeryville. For some reason, just sitting in a dorky diner with my sweetie seemed like the best thing to do. Maybe I was worn out from the decadence of the day. We had bad food, but a wonderful time. She gave me exactly what I wanted: a copy of Pink Floyd's The Wall on CD (which I have wanted forever but never gotten), some fancy bath things that are exactly something my grandma would have given me on my birthdays when I was a little girl (it actually made me cry, because something about it was just spot-on. Thanks, Grandma), and a card with unicorns on it with the sweetest note inside. It was perfect. I think my Grandma was pulling some strings because something about the card and the bath salts really reminded me of her.
  • Then, home to have hot fudge and vanilla ice cream in bed with a movie.

Damn near perfect.

And today, if we're up for it, it's museum-hopping and maybe some time at the beach.

32, so far, is a good number.

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