Friday, July 07, 2006

Good News, Bad News

As we used to say in German class, Meine Gute.

What a day.

Good news:
I sold another necklace! And an offer of a venue for them. My massage therapist fell in love with my green necklace and ordered one for herself, and said that her clients would love them and offered her space as a 'venue' of sorts. Also offered me a place in her calendar for teaching a class, either jewelry or art. This is good. Many, many ideas.

Also: had an idea about dog walking/pet sitting in Alameda. Almost immediately, a close friend said that she may be looking for a new dog walker. Hmm.

And: Terri's back is starting to feel better with some swimming. We are still very concerned, and surgery is still very much a possibility, but it's good that her pain is lessening.

Bad news:
I got some very hard, sad news from my mom. Any thoughts or prayers you'd like to extend would be much appreciated. Send virtual hugs, support, and ideas to Keizer, Oregon.

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