Thursday, April 01, 2010

joke of all jokes? (possible TMI!)

Happy April Fool's Day!

We're all friends here, right? So: true confession. Most of my life I've had some sort of foot-and/or-toenail fungus thingie happening. I blame growing up in Oregon and wearing soggy shoes most of the year. Anyway, aside from being a minor annoyance, I've never really thought much about it. It never goes away, right?

So, without going into detail, I have a new incentive to get rid of it once and for all. The doctor would like me to go on Lamisil, and recommended getting rid of all my shoes.

Let me repeat that: getting rid of all my shoes.

Why could this not have happened when I was in college and had, like, three pairs of ratty shoes, all of which I hated? I finally grew up and now have a lovely shoe collection, all nicely cared for. You get older, you buy better shoes. As in, more-expensive shoes. Which you intend to keep for many years.

I have to go back in next week for the test results and prescription, and I will clarify this with him. Do I have to get rid of ALL my shoes? All of them? Really? Or can I salvage the ones I only wear rarely, all my pretty dress-up shoes? I'm okay with replacing the ones I wear most often. That would be probably 3-4 pairs, maybe 5. Expensive, but, okay. Worth it. I'm not sure I can get rid of ALL of them. There's got to be an alternative, even if it means doing some sort of treatment before and after wearing them (since I only wear them each a couple times a year).

On the plus side: shoe shopping! (he said he wished he could write me a prescription for Nordstrom's). On the down side: expensive!

Well, this will get me to do some serious shoe-sorting, anyway.

And come this summer, I will have the cutest, prettiest feet EVAR.


Stefanie said...

Oh no! Shoes and I have never really gotten along and I don't have a lot of them but the ones I do have are all the result of serious shopping and much disappointment. If I had to get rid of them all I think I would cry. I hope you don't really have to get rid of all of yours!

Daphne said...

I know! So sad! I am definitely following up with him on this. :(

Tammie said...

just as a reminder...I sleep with a guy who could hook you up with a good deal on some shoes. i think you'd qualify for the friends/family discount.(30% off)

of course, you'd have to take a quick road trip. :)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Summer's coming -- go barefoot.

Daphne said...

Tammie: good point!

Bee: I usually do! It's been cold lately...

Kate said...

I think I would probably snort in the general direction of the doctor and tell him I'd replace all my shoes when he pays for it. IMO, of course. Perhaps a happy middle, like you suggested - getting rid of the ones you constantly wear?

Keep us updated. You know if you are replacing an entire shoe wardrobe some of us (me) will be living vicariously through you.

Alison said...

Daph - I prescribe that stuff all the time and have never suggested or HEARD of suggesting that you get rid of all your shoes. "The fungus is among us" and it's impossible to erradicate it from your environment (ie your feet's (how do you make feet possessive?!) environment, shoes, bathroom floor/tub, etc). It's hopefully possible to erradicate it from your toenails - cure rate on meds is still roughly only 70% with high rate of reoccurence. Nonetheless, don't be discouraged. Getting rid of your shoes is that guy's opinion and while may be valid, not valid enough to get rid of your shoes!

Daphne said...

Kate and Alison: thanks for weighing in... yes, upon reflection, I think what I am going to do is just try treating the shoes with powder and such, taking extra care of my feet daily, and gradually replacing the shoes I wear most often (athletic shoes and a few certain pairs of flats), especially as the toes get better. I think it's going to be a lifelong battle anyway. I can afford 3-4 pairs of new shoes. 20+ is just not going to happen.