Sunday, April 11, 2010

Counting Down

Well, we've got two days to go until the SSDI hearing on Tuesday morning. I have a pretty good feeling about it, but we could use all the help we could get, so if you have a minute and wouldn't mind sending some good thoughts our way for Tuesday morning, we'd appreciate it!

All the paperwork is filed, so all there is to do now is sit around and try not to be nervous. Ha!

I sincerely feel for anyone who has to go through this process. It completely, totally sucks to have to document all the things that you or your loved one can't do anymore, and to go over the entire awful story in detail, and then have someone judge whether or not you are really that disabled (or, presumably, just trying to "mooch off the system.") It's terrible. I will be so glad when it's over.

I'm actually doing pretty well. I'm tired, of course, and worried, but I really *do* have a good feeling, so I'm assuming that means the Universe is telling me that it will be fine and we'll have a favorable outcome. I really hope so. This is so important on so many levels. The income will help, of course, and then we'll be able to afford the $5500 OUT-OF-POCKET treatment that Terri needs (which is a bargain compared to the $20,000 it *could* cost if we went to Panama for it, which we won't be doing... yet). But it will really help Terri feel like she's contributing to our household, which is essential for someone who is such a 'do-er' as she is. Also, it would be very nice for me to have a little less pressure to keep working so much all the time. There is a lot at stake.

In preparation, we are spending today and tomorrow pretty much in bed. Of course I have work to do, but I'm doing it while resting in bed. We're having crazy stormy weather, so at least that's an excellent excuse to turn up the little heater, snuggle under the covers, put on a dumb movie and have some tea while getting my work done.

That's about it. We'll be single-mindedly trying to keep a lid on the anxiety and be thinking good thoughts. I will report back on Tuesday! With excellent, celebratory news, I'm sure.


Tammie said...

you and terri will be all that im thinking about on tuesday morning!

enjoy your dumb movie and tea. :)

Stefanie said...

I've been thinking about you two all weekend and will continue thinking good thoughts!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are definitely heading your way. It will turn out!

xoxo- Erin

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Okay --- here come those positive thoughts. I hope everything works out. You're under way too much pressure and deserve a day hiding out in bed!

Daphne said...

Thank you everyone! We need them. I have done really well up until now but have seemingly reached the end of my ability to fight off anxiety. Time for pizza and chocolate, yes?