Monday, March 22, 2010

lawyers, doctors, and politicians

(and pretty green and white foliage)

Today was a very long day.

We got up early (early for Terri is 9 am -- it's hard for her to even function before 11) and got ready to go see Terri's SSDI lawyer. Her hearing is April 13th, so it's getting close. I got to meet the lawyer for the first time; I liked him a lot. The meeting wasn't exactly fun: we were prepping for the hearing, so Steve (the lawyer) wanted to go over everything. Which meant telling him (again -- for his final notes) everything about how the CFS has affected Terri. Which was hard. It wasn't very fun for everyone to examine in detail, with specific examples, how Terri went from being a star Ph.D student, highly-valued employee and much-loved therapist to being bed-ridden for up to 20 hours per day. It was hard not to cry, but we kept it together. I think he feels pretty good about the hearing, which is good. If she doesn't get approved, I will be beyond pissed, is all I can say.

Then, because we ARE waiting for SSDI and currently doing all this on my income, it was time for Job #2: checking on critters. I actually love my pet business and want to keep it no matter what happens. (Saturday I did Job #3, babysitting. Later this week I will continue working on Job #4, freelance design.) So we checked on some kitties and then checked on some doggies, which was actually pretty fun. Terri LOVES dogs, so she got lots of hugs and kisses from furry friends, and that was a good part in the day.

Then it was off to the doctor, to check on Terri's toes. AGAIN. Yes, the same toes which have been giving her problems for, oh, two years now? So. Back to the doctor.

Then it was 3 pm and time to go home. All I have to say about the health care reform passage is how thankful I am that at least I should soon be able to stop worrying about Terri getting dropped from health insurance if -- God forbid -- somehow I lose our insurance coverage. Her condition is frustrating and expensive for doctors and insurance companies and I'm sure they'd love to drop her like a hot potato. Regardless of whatever kinks need to be worked out, that is a huge relief for me. I pray those people we elected can make it work the way we all hope it can.

I just finished reading PUSH (the book Precious is based upon). I don't know what I think yet. It was not exactly cheerful. It was good, for sure. I can't say whether I "liked" or "enjoyed" it, because it's not the sort of thing you really "enjoy." But it was affecting and worth reading. More about that later.

So, it's the end of the day, and we are both exhausted. My stomach is upset because it's that time of the month and because I can't stomach the brownies which I was craving and made (cruel irony), and we are both worn out from all of this.

Mr. Lawyer: please do your job well.
Mr. Doctor: please take good care of my sweetie's toes.
Mr. and Ms. Politicians: we are the people you are working for. Please do right by us.

With that, it's time for flipping through magazines and resting in preparation for Job #1 (full-time corporate job, which thankfully I do happen to love). Sometimes I wonder why I'm not going like gangbusters on my painting or other endeavors, and then we have a day like today and I remember: oh yeah, it's because I am working my butt off already.

However - and I say this from the bottom of my heart - I do it with a heart full of love for this sweet darling person who makes me so happy to come home to her. This funny, caring, kind and supportive girl who tries to clean the house so I don't have to, who spends all day every day trying to figure out the puzzle of how to get well, how to have a life, how to make my life easier. We have to prove to the SSDI folks how sick and disabled she is, which just goes against every fiber of my being, as I see all the good things she is and all the good things she does.

With that, I think there is a Better Homes and Gardens with my name on it calling to me.


Kate said...

Oh gosh, big hugs to you. You are both such wonderful people.

Stefanie said...

What a day! I was exhausted just reading about it. Ihope you enjoyed your magazines. Take care and hugs to you both.

Daphne said...

Kate: aw, thanks. You are too!

Stef: I'm exhausted too! If the world were a fair place I would be home in bed right now, sleeping. Whew.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Daphne -- I'm exhausted reading all this. You are knocking yourself out with all these jobs. I'm glad that Teri's there for you at the end of your long days. Best of luck with the SSDI. Let us know how you guys make out.

Tammie said...

i really hope the hearing goes well. i cant even begin to imagine the stress the whole situation puts on both of you.

im so excited for health care reform. i dont know what it all means, but in my heart i believe that the old way wasnt working for a lot of people. its time to try something else.

your last paragraph made me tear up. you guys have a love (and a friendship) like no other. i really hope the hearing goes well so you both can just relax a bit.

Daphne said...

Bee: thank you! We are praying and praying. It would make SO many things so much easier.

Tammie: thanks, you. It's stressful. I'm excited about healthcare reform too. Although I am starting to lose it at those people who are talking about world domination and the "Obama takeover". What kind of crap is that? I mean, really! Get a grip! I don't see them turning down Social Security. (and yes, I love her to bits!)

Trapunto said...

Very best of luck. I'm really touched by how sweet you are to your sweetie. Speaking as one of those hot potatoes, I know how much it counts for.