Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Sartorial Tale

I got a really nice, long, straight, brown skirt at the thrift shop over the weekend. I thought it needed boots.

I also found a few tops that I thought would look good with skinny jeans.

I didn't have boots or skinny jeans. However, boots + skinny jeans would be great, right?

So I looked online, found some great brown boots for a good price, and ordered them.

They came today; they looked pretty good when I tried them on at work. At least I *thought* so.

I went out after work and tried on 10 or 12 pairs of skinny jeans before FINALLY finding a pair. They're black. My boots are brown. First problem.

I got home and showed Terri the jeans. She loved them. Then I tried them on with the boots. She did not love that. Then I tried on the jeans with flats. Two thumbs up.

Boots with any other combination got a solid thumbs down. In fact, the boots themselves got a thumbs down. Second problem.

But then, I found a pair of brown boots in my closet, behind the clothes (I have a very small closet).

And a pair of black boots.

Oh. So maybe I have no problem?

The moral of this story is: shopping is hard. And trying on skinny jeans is not for the faint of heart. And maybe I'm not cut out for skinny jeans plus boots.

But now I have cute skinny jeans. And the boots are going back.


Eva said...

Yay for skinny jeans! :D

Tammie said...

ive tried the skinny jeans a few times but always feel like i look like j.lo.

all of your thrifting talk lately has really got me itching to go.

Anonymous said...

Glad the boots are returnable. =) I find stuff in my closet all the time. It's like Christmas!

Stefanie said...

Too bad about the boots not working out but at least you can return them. At least you have cute jeans and a "new" skirt.

Daphne said...

Disappointing about the boots, but yay for good jeans. I was apprehensive about this endeavor but I found a pair that are flattering and will go with all the tunic tops I found at the thrift store!

It's Me, Theresa said...

I am way too critical to try on the skinny jeans. Mostly because I have big thighs and hips and small ankles... so in short.. I'd look very goofy! But I'm glad that YOU look cute in skinny jeans! LOL