Thursday, October 29, 2009

Transitioning to Deep Autumn

You know, with those chilly 70+ degree days and dreary sunny sunshine and drenching days of no rain at all. Who me? Ready for winter? Nah.

I shouldn't complain, it's been cold at night, and for some reason our house is a freezerbox. I swear it's 20 degrees colder in my house than outside. So, if I want to feel the chill of winter, I just stay inside! Sigh.

The feeling of being constantly behind continues to haunt me. I struggle between feeling okay about this and just letting it all go (until someone reminds me of something) and wanting to make a giant all-encompassing to-do list so I don't forget anything. I like it best when the people around me are imperfect, so I think I'll just continue to let things slide a little and just focus on the important things: Relationship, job, health, rest, fun. If the laundry remains unfolded for a few days, oh well.

I'm also completely running out of things to write about. So this will be a short one. See? Imperfectionism: it's the way to go.


Tammie said...

not only am i out of things to write about, but im tired of being on the computer.

ill be glad when october is over.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

my laundry nearly ALWAYS goes unfolded. LOL