Monday, October 26, 2009

Tagalong Blessings

We might not have a house and/or yard, but we do have this beautiful view of downtown Oakland, the church, and the moon.

Terri had to have semi-emergency toe surgery today, but she has a great doctor who was able to see her right away and he did a great job. Also that I was home and able to take her.

Cleo the cat has early kidney disease, but she is taking her sub-q fluids like a champ and likes the kidney-formula dry food. Wet food is still a question mark but we have four or five brands to try.

The car still needs to be smogged and needs various things fixed, but I was able to change the battery myself yesterday (saving money and time) and it still worked this morning! Woohoo!

We still do not have a bathroom sink, cable in the bedroom, nor virus-free laptops. However hopefully all of these things will be fixed tomorrow. Or nearly fixed. And we're not paying for the bathroom sink (landlord's responsibility) nor the cable installation (since this is the fourth time they will be out here attempting this), and we're able to be paying a friend to fix the computers (yay for putting our money to a good use!).

We were not able to go to church yesterday, but we sorely missed it, indicating that it struck a chord with us and maybe we've found a good community.

Things don't always go right. Seems like lately, however, things are trying to get to an equilibrium of bummer and blessing. I can live with that.


Tammie said...

yikes. i hope terris toe is better soon.

i would be completely happy with the bummer/blessing equilibrium also. maybe i just need to keep my eyes better open for blessings.

Daphne said...

Poor little toe, this is the second (third?) surgery on it.

I'll take equilibrium, although actually if I look at things the right way, I've already got hundreds of blessings and not too many bummers... the bummers just take up more space.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

what happened to her toe? I can imagine it's painful whatever it is. :(

However, that is one magificent view you have there!

Stefanie said...

Poor toe! Hope Terri's feeling better, and you too. It stinks to be off balance. Sorry about Cleo, I hope she finds a balance too.

Daphne said...

Poor toe was curled and ingrown and infected -- for the third time!! Had to have the nail partially removed. Yuck.

Cleo is busy refusing all her kidney diet and holding out for the good stuff.