Saturday, October 24, 2009

Perhaps a bit optimistic...

(gratuitous cat shot which has nothing to do with this post. Cleo has been afraid of this chair ever since we got it a few months ago. It's so... big and soft and fluffy! Who wouldn't be afraid of it? Anyway, she obviously recently got over the chair fright and has now claimed it as hers)

Went to the library yesterday and picked up a bunch of books I'd forgotten that I'd requested. I think it's optimistic to think I'll have them all read in three weeks, but you never know. However, I will try to get through these five for the last week of RIP (they are, for the most part, YA or kids books so hopefully that's not asking too much)

* All The Lovely Bad Ones (a YA ghost story)
* Jade Green (ditto)
* Wait 'Till Helen Comes (ditto again)
* Skeleton Man (spooky Native American-style story {I think})
* The Sandman: Dream Country (also a quick read)

I have to finish Let The Right One In (it's very long!) and then quickly read my book club book, and then get through all these. Can I do it??

And then, once I'm done with those, I have:

*Moonlight & Vines (another Newford book by Charles de Lint)
* Angel of Darkness (another de Lint, which I started a few months ago but didn't finish)
* Howards End (because it looked great and I've always wanted to read it and Nymeth recently reviewed it so eloquently)

Uh, that's plenty of books for awhile. Oh yeah, and I was going to spend November reading Anna Karenina. Hmm. Well, it's next on the list. :)


Anonymous said...

Cleo is definitely queen of her domain. Perfect throne for her. Mommy

Anonymous said...

Where is her tiara????

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