Saturday, October 03, 2009


Oh well. I meant to post yesterday, but then we got home later than I anticipated, and then I made breakfast for dinner which took a lot longer than I thought it would, and then... well, I totally forgot.

But we had a nice day yesterday. Terri has so much more improvement this year over last year. Last year we were celebrating being able to go to downtown Oakland and walk around for an hour or two. Yesterday we drove all over Oakland and Berkeley, went to Target (impossible last year), went to CostCo (unthinkable last year) and sat at Point Isabel (the big beautiful dog park right on the bay) to watch doggies. All this after a long week of vacation fun. It's pretty amazing. I am feeling so grateful for these improvements. It's not much month to month, but when I look back over the past year, she's definitely having more stamina and energy. Yay!!

Last night we got into a big giggle-fest. You know the kind where you can't stop giggling? We were doing that in the kitchen at 10 pm. Uncontrollable fits of giggling. This girl is a keeper. What a cutie.

There are four more days of vacation left, including today. Terri is looking up live music events and seasonal festivals, to see if we'd like to go to any this weekend. It's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass over in the city, which we'd love to go to, but that would be pushing our luck just a bit too much. Too difficult to park, too much walking, too many people. But maybe next year. However, this year, perhaps something in Oakland, East Bay Symphony or a visit to an art gallery. Or a pumpkin-fest. We could manage that.

She still has bad days (really bad days) but the fact that we've gone out for at least three big long shopping-wandering-driving trips this week, plus a walk in the woods, is something pretty terrific. I'm feeling very hopeful and happy.

Being on vacation is awesome.


Tammie said...

im so glad terri is feeling better. it does seem like you guys are doing a whole lot more.

i want to get into a giggle fest. i want to laugh so hard that my sides hurt. its been a while for me.

Daphne said...

It's been so great! I try not to get my hopes/expectations up and just enjoy the 'now', which is a good practice. The giggle-fest was fun. It was the kind where you make terrible faces because you can't stop. You should come over to our house. :)

Tammie said...

one more thing:: do you read a blog called The Comfy Place, written by a gal who is quite sick?

I was on a little blog journey yesterday and happened upon that one and your blog was listed as one of the places the author goes for inspiration. It struck me as funny, not as if i think you and i are the only people on the planet with blogs, or that im your only was just weird to end up at this blog i had never heard of before and see your blog. it's a small world.


Daphne said...

I do read her blog! She is very very sick now. That is a funny coincidence. Sometimes I see your blog listed on other people's blogs, but usually it's because I tend to read in very small blog-circles and everyone seems connected...

I think I have a very small readership (not that it matters) but it's always fun to see my blog listed somewhere...

Barefoot_Mommy said...

I'm glad that your Terrie is feeling better and that you had a giggle fest. That's so great!

And I LOVE night breakfast. It's the best kind of breakfast there is.

Daphne said...

Barefoot: it's been giggly over here lately for some reason. Giddy over vacation?

Breakfast-for-dinner is totally the best. Although turkey bacon sucks. i'd rather not even have it.