Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home For Aged Kittycats (plus video!)

(warning: cat post!)

Since we are now a two-cat household, it's been really interesting to see how the two elderly girls we have are adjusting.

Cleo, age 14, is still mischievous and a little trouble-maker (a cute one). In the past few weeks, she's also turned into a total kitten. She follows us around, meowing, always having to be right next to one of us. She is even starting to be a little bit of a lap cat, which is amazing. I've had her since she was a kitten, and although I always wished she was a snuggler, she hasn't been. Until recently. So she's kind of taking up Tiger Lily's role as lap cat.

Katie, age 16, is also doing well. She is very arthritic and has some health issues, so she stays mostly on the bed and is bed-cat. Although it's always completely on her terms, she has been very affectionate and sweet lately as well. Especially, it seems, if we are missing Tiger Lily. Then Katie comes over and gives us kitty-kisses and pets our faces with her paws. It's very sweet.

Yesterday we deep-cleaned the bedroom and washed all the bedding. This meant Katie had to be out of the bedroom (she startles easily and we were going to be moving furniture, etc.). She spent a good part of the day out here in the living room. Although she kept going (limping, creaking) back to the bedroom to see if she could go back in, she did settle down eventually and snuggled up on a blanket on the floor. And of course Cleo had to be right next to Terri on the couch. Here they all are: Cleo (black), Terri (checking email) and Katie (on the floor).

Every night before bed, they each get a few treats. It's been really funny to watch them lately, sitting on either side of Terri, begging. This isn't the best video but Cleo is clearly quite vocal about what she needs.


Tammie said...

this is adorable. but im a sucker for a kitty cat post.

my old lady cat isabelle(shes about 13) is a dry food only eater and always has been. but lately she really wants ham. im not a big ham eater but occassionally jay will make himself a sandwich and of course isabelle gets some ham. we tend to spoil her and give her anything she requests.

Daphne said...

Little old lady kitties get whatever they want, for sure. Ours are completely spoiled (as if that weren't obvious).

Stefanie said...

So cute! I had a cat a few years ago who was not much in the affection department until he turned about 13 or 14. When he started sitting on my lap now and then I was completely astonished. Waldo and Dickens are total snugglers and I love it!

Barefoot_Mommy said...

So cute! We have three cats, one middle aged lady cat, who will only drink out of the running tap, and two mister cats, one who does a jedi-mind-trick for food and the other who will eat ANYTHING. Seriously.. he once at an entire bowl of broccoli that got left on the counter.

Anonymous said...

Cleo is as she always has been, sometimes a little repressed. LOVE that kitty, and you, too. :) Mommy

Daphne said...

Love my kitties!! and my mom. :)