Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I thought I had a picture for today, but I don't.

Well, end of the Everyday Posting for awhile. I didn't do that great of a job. But oh well.

I have two books to review but my house is messy and I'm cold and I have to figure out what exactly needs to get done today before I go watch a little kid for an hour and then hand out candy for awhile.

I'm really tired.


There is a big Halloween street festival a block away, maybe I will take my camera and go for a walk. Or maybe I will just continue half-watching Halloween on the AMC channel and, as Shea puts it, just phone it in for the remainder of the day.

1 comment:

Tammie said...

i thought you did awesome.

phoning it in sounds like a great idea.

happy halloween!