Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vacation Dreaming

Yes. It's happening. We are going on vacation.


We're actually going to stay at home. It's more restful for everyone, plus the kitties (and we) are still in mourning for Tiger Lily and we don't want to leave them.

However, for 11 days, I am not doing any work. No work-work, no petsitting, no babysitting, no freelance design, no nothin'. I can't wait!!

So what will we do? My plan is to act like we are at a fabulous, comfy cabin which happens to have all the comforts of home, and do all the things we would do if we were, you know, hours away and staying at a cabin. I think this way is actually better because we have a WAY comfy bed, plus cute kitties, plus all kinds of fun stuff lined up.

Some of which include:
  • Having tarot cards read at Ancient Ways
  • Going for a drive and photo shoot in the beautiful Oakland hills (see above, Lake Temescal)
  • Making some sort of very amazing baking and/or breakfast project
  • Going to San Francisco
  • Watching all three Godfather movies (and making kettle corn)
  • Spending a lot of time painting and maybe art-supply organizing
  • Reading, reading, reading
  • Photo tour of the neighborhood
  • Going out for a really good meal
  • Sleeping. A lot.
  • Halloween decorating
  • Terri birthday fun!
I plan on having a lot of rest and a lot of fun.

And doing a major portion of my RIP reading!!


Eva said...

That sounds like fun! I love tarot cards-I started reading them in high school and while I don't do it as much as I did in college, I always enjoy it when I do. :)

Nymeth said...

yay! I love your list of things you could do. You'll have a wonderful time!

Stefanie said...

You vacation sounds marvelous! 11 days! Wow! And so many fun things planned. Have a great time and drop us a bloggy postcard now and then :)

Daphne said...

Eva: I can't wait. This shop does a good reading for $10 and it's very atmospheric. Perfect for RIP!

Ana: it's fun to make a dream-list!

Stefanie: I know -- 11 days. I really can't wait.

Tammie said...

this all sounds awesome. eleven whole days! im happy for you.. have fun. and of course i will want to see vacation photos.

Daphne said...

I updated my Flickr account yesterday just for you, Tammie! :)

D'Arcy said...

That sounds fantastic, and I can't think of anyone who deserves a marvelous stay-cation more than you and Terri. Enjoy!

Barefoot_Mommy said...

What an awesome vacation plan! I read tarot and faery oracle. I love it.

It sound like you guys are going to have a blast!