Saturday, September 26, 2009


I still get confused over the correct usage of the word "ironic" but nevertheless, here's my irony for the week.

After being grumpy a few nights ago about all the Dream Big!! stuff that was bothering me (I deleted the post, because I felt like it came from a very ungenerous part in myself, and I didn't really want to be putting that out there any more), suddenly, after saying I didn't want any of that -- here I am, dreaming big.

Fine, Life. I get it. Humble pie. Here I am, eating it.

Last night I watched Project Runway. They were doing a costume challenge. I felt so inspired and envious and a deep longing to do something like that. I just wanted to hop up and start making stuff. I thought to myself, "I need to MAKE stuff! Every day!!"

Then started the downward spiral, of wondering why I haven't been able to sit down and do many projects like I always say I want to. After wallowing for a bit, Terri very kindly and helpfully pointed out that this hasn't been the easiest year on record, and I've been much busier than usual. So, okay. That helped me feel better.

Then suddenly, I had ideas. All kinds of ideas. Crazy ideas. Not-very-practical ideas. Which I promptly fell in love with. I'm going to sit with those ideas, and if they stick around, maybe share them. I have a whole week to let them simmer.

Sooooo, I guess I'm not immune to The Big Dream, after all. Perhaps this is not a bad thing.

(me, resolving to keep crankypants mouth shut from here on out)

I have a painting all ready to be put down on canvas. It's supposed to be HOT tomorrow, so maybe I will start it on Monday. I will post progress!

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Tammie said...

yay for dreaming big. i guess the key is to dream big in small doses.

i find myself facing the downward spiral from time to time as well, especially concerning crafty projects that i want to complete. i have to constantly remind myself that creatively ive come along way in a short time. but it can be hard to maintain the cheery outlook when there is so much i want to do.

cant wait to see the painting progress and to hear more about all your ideas, if you decide to share.