Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goodbye, Sweet Girl

This cat was made of sweetness and love. The best-natured kitty in the whole world. We will miss her and her talkativeness, her snuggliness, and her huge personality, forever.

Goodbye, Miss Tiger Lily. To us you will always be our Little, and we will always love you.


Anonymous said...

Me, too :(. Mom

D'Arcy said...


Tammie said...

im so sorry.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

So sorry to hear about this. *Hugs*

regularrumination said...



vanessa said...

oh this makes me so very sad. Tiger Lily had the purest heart imaginable. my deepest heartfelt condolences to you and terri, to cleo and katie. i hope you will meet again on the other side of the rainbow bridge. i love you all, and know the terrible emptiness you are suffering with the loss of this little sweetheart. its the hardest thing to do, to come through for your pet when they need you to help them go. its a shock to the system, and my heart goes out to you. i can't believe Little is gone. i wish there was something that could take away your ache. thank you so much for emailing me abt her pink catnip sockie. (wanted to reply but my provider is having a problem.) Little was a special kitty and i will miss her dearly. i loved her cute ways, playfulness, sweet chatter meows, instant purrs and nuzzles. i love that she let me hold her like a baby, and true to form would go into kitten mode, kneading her paws on my shoulder. Bijou is the only other cat to ever do that. what an adorable, loveable cuddle kitty. no pic could ever do justice to her fluffy rotund lovebug presence. I love her little 2-tone nose. that nose and her conversational meows always reminded me of my little Babette, and made me love her all the more.

Goodbye, bunny fur baby. We will all miss you terribly, but i'm thankful your pain is over.
Rest in peace, Tigger Little.

Nymeth said...


Big hugs to you and Terri <3

Lesley said...

I'm sorry. It's so hard to lose a much-loved pet and member of the family. *hugs*