Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Morning

I have got to go take some photos.

It's a beautiful summer morning and I'm waiting for everyone to get up. I'm waiting for a friend to get back to me if she's coming over today. I'm waiting to go to the grocery store because I'm not sure what we are planning on having for dinner this week. I'm waiting to take a shower because... well, because I'm lazy.

I'm feeling a little tired of all this waiting! I think it's time to spring into action. In many ways. I was thinking last night that this autumn it's going to be time to get those gears rolling again. We've been waiting for a long time to do many things, for many reasons. I think it's definitely time to start those balls in motion again. We can't do everything, all the time, but we can do some things. It's hard with CFS because you really can't plan activities -- you never know if the person who has CFS is going to be able to participate or not. However, I can plan for school. I can plan on how we are going to buy a house. I can plan my winter's reading and community involvement. I can plan all of those things. And I can plan to leave plenty of open space for those times when Terri is up and ready to go do stuff.

Some things I'd like to plan, large and small:

* A picnic for today. It's so lovely outside and I think feeding the ducks by lake and reading in the shade sounds really great.
* A new haircut. My hair is growing pretty long and I like it, but I need a change. A new color or something. Not sure what. Maybe I'll go red. Haven't done that in years and years. (I'm mostly joking, although it's tempting...)
* Getting involved in our neighborhood. I love this neighborhood. I'm bummed because there is really no way we can buy here, it's way too expensive. However, it would be fun to go to a community meeting or something. Maybe help plan the Halloween festivities.
* School. Yep, thinking about school again. This time I think I've got a plan. I'm going to do a little more investigation, but I think I know what I'm going to do. It feels quietly right. That's the best sort of 'right' for me. If I'm too excited, chances are that I'm just searching for something and that *this* is the *answer*. However, when it's quietly right, that's when I feel like, "Okay. I can do this. This feels right." It's amazing how long it can take to come to that decision sometimes. Details to come when I've made up my mind for sure.
* House. I've decided that I am done waiting to buy a house. We've been saving and saving, and if a couple of good things happen in the next year, then I think we can really think about buying something soon. Maybe not THE house, but *A* house (or townhouse). The housing market has dropped in many areas here and we're not afraid of rural, nor of fixer-upper, so... I'm crossing fingers and toes here, but I'm planning for action.
* Art show. I'd really like to do this next year. I think I've decided that I paint best 8 x 10 or smaller. With a few exceptions. I'd like to do a woods theme. My owls, and the spooky trees will be a part of it. I'd like to get 10-12 paintings done by next fall, hopefully doing an October show in a coffeeshop or something around here. That's a good goal, right?

I think that's enough to keep me happily busy. There are some other things we'd like to do but they are more flexible and/or spur-of-the-moment. I can safely plan for the things I mentioned above and feel reasonably sure that I can make progress. The house one I'm counting on a bit of luck for, but aren't we due for a bit of luck by now? I think so.

Bad things happen to good people. This is a sad truth. However, lots of good things can happen despite the bad things. I'm going to spend a lot of effort over the next few months making those good things happen.


Tammie said...

i hate waiting and i hate not knowing. im a big planner. good luck with all your plans. im intrigued by the school one.

Carl V. said...

"I'm feeling a little tired of all this waiting! I think it's time to spring into action."

I've been feeling similar feelings this summer. Summer generally is a time when I seem to shut down, to hibernate. Rather than winter, I am a summer hibernator. I hate that because I end up feeling like I've wasted a lot of precious time.

I love all of your plans. They all sound wonderful and part of what makes them sound wonderful is that they are so doable. There are no pie-in-the-sky fantasy plans there, just good solid you'll-have-to-work-at-them-but-you-can-do-it plans. Well done.

Bad things happen to all of us, it is part of the nature of living in a world with freedom of choice, consequences, etc. But we can choose to grow and thrive even in the midst of those things rather than to give in and let those things overwhelm us or discourage us. It is harder to not give in, but it is certainly necessary if we are to have true joy and peace in this life.

I look forward to reports on how your plans are progressing. You've got a great foundation here to build on, I'm very excited for you.

Stefanie said...

I love your list of goals! And I look forward to hearing all about the process of achieving them :)