Thursday, August 06, 2009

Book: The Wind In The Willows

Here's the deal: if you are feeling under the weather or blue, compile this little stack of books and read them. You will feel better.

* Winnie the Pooh (any and all)
* Little House on the Prairie (any)
* Roald Dahl (take your pick)
* The Wind In The Willows (the one and only)

What can be said that hasn't already been said about this adorable children's classic? If you haven't read it, then get a second-hand copy and keep it around. Read a chapter every now and again. You will love it. Promise.

One of my favorite parts (aside from Toad, with his crazed, "Poop-poop!") was when Mole and Rat walked by Mole's old house and Mole was seized by a deep, inarguable desire to see his old home again. He simply would not be okay until he visited his old, dear, musty little hole. His beloved friend Rat understands this and so they go to visit. Poor Mole sees how little and dusty and run-down the place is, but Rat, with his friendly eye, whisks it back into tip-top shape and delights Mole by conjuring up a welcome-home party fit for a king.

Ratty and Mole are the best of friends and this example perfectly illustrates how best friends help us to see the shiny linings of those stormclouds. Best friends understand what is closest to our hearts and help us get those things.

This book always reminds me of another favorite series which I was completely obsessed with when I was little, The Old Mother West Wind books. My dad had a whole series of these and I got them when I was young, and loved them to bits. My grandma would talk to me about Paddy the Beaver, Reddy Fox, Peter Cottontail, and Danny the Meadow Mouse. Very sweet stories but also with that little touch of grown-up danger which makes children's books (the kind that are written TO children with REAL children in mind) so heartwrenching and dear.

Anyway, there's just one more comfort-book retro-read to cover, which I'll do tomorrow. Then it's time to review another terrifically nasty Gillian Flynn book. She's my new favorite author.


Lara Starr said...

That sounds like the perfect stack of books. We love Toady at the Starr house.

Carl V. said...

Definitely authors, and books, to put a spring back in one's step. I read House on Pooh Corner to my wife aloud during our anniversary trip in May and we were both delighted at rediscovering what a witty genius A.A. Milne was.

Stefanie said...

You know when I was a kid there were some books I couldn't read because for whatever reason the pictures scared me. Wind in the Willows was one of them, Toad terrified me and I have no idea why. I keep thinking I should read this one of these days so I can see what I missed.

Oh, and I LOVE Pooh. He cheers me up when nothing else can.

Daphne said...

Lara: I should make my Perfect Stack Of Comfort Books for the next disaster!

Carl: that is awfully sweet!

Stefanie: You crack me up. Although the pictures of Toad are pretty crazy. "Poop-poop!" Pooh is the best ever. You ought to read about Toad, though... I think he would make you laugh now.