Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Triumph!

Today we went to see Julie & Julia. We *loved* it. Adored it. Terri cried. We laughed. It was perfect. I want something fried in butter now.

However, the more wonderful thing is: WE WENT TO THE MOVIES. This is the first time we've gone to the movies together in... probably over two or three years. At least. That alone is worth celebrating!!

There is a very nice little movie theater just down the street from us (I love our neighborhood). Terri was not up for walking so we drove. I dropped her off in front of the theater (matinee, of course) and went and parked. Came back and she was feeling pretty woozy, so we were prepared to have to ditch the plans at any moment. However, she really wanted to go, and I really wanted to go, so we decided to give it a really good try. And success!!

It helped that we sat in the very back where no one was, and also that the theater was not very full (and was mostly elderly folks, very quiet and respectful, and who also seemed to enjoy the movie very much), and that it was such a sweet and wonderful movie (not at all loud or scary, which would be too much for a delicate, recovering nervous system). It was perfect. She made it through the whole movie and had a wonderful time. As did I.

As we walked back to the car (another triumph), Terri remarked,"One of the blessings of CFS is that I get to enjoy things so much more." It's true. We do not take anything for granted. Going to the movies is pretty dang exciting.

So thanks, Julie and Julia. And thanks, Piedmont Theater, and thank you beautiful day and all you cute little old people in the movie theater who were not whispering or chatting or texting or any of those obnoxious things. I am very happy tonight.

(and hungry. I need something buttery, STAT!)


D'Arcy said...

Yay for you guys!! I'm truly happy to hear about your outing - how wonderful for both of you. Take THAT, CFS!!

And my post title was NOT naughty - it's a line from a Disney movie song, for Pete's sake! It's just you that's naughty ;)

Lara Starr said...

Yay! Yay for your outing, Yay for the incandescent Mrs. Child, and Yay for butter!

Tammie said...

yay. im so happy for you both.

Carl V. said...

I am so happy, for your triumph in getting to the theater AND for the fact that you chose such a delicious, pun intended, movie. It was such a delightful experience to see this in the theater, a perfect date movie. We were the youngest couple in our viewing of the show as well, and it is really pleasant to see shows with people who are actually there to watch and enjoy the film itself rather than trying to multi task!

Daphne said...

Thanks, everyone. The movie was so fun and cute. And such a good experience for us!