Friday, July 03, 2009

Vacation Day Two: Early Report

Today has been a little better on the keeping-it-relaxed scene.

Got up too early, but oh well. Got my petsitting done right away and then met with someone to show them the logo I designed for them. Thankfully, they loved it. Spent two hours chatting. All in all, a nice way to start the day.

The rest of the day has been spent either reading on the back porch (with either Cleo or the neighborhood kitty keeping me company) or wandering around the house trying NOT to do work. I have a very hard time NOT being productive, apparently. I need to get out my sewing machine and do my projects, but somehow that just seems really hard right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow.

Did a bit of fun shopping with Terri, but neither of us have a ton of energy so it was short. Although I have to say... the economy sucks, but there are some great sales out there that I'm happy to partake of! $50 shirt for $10? Thank you!

Now I'm home, laying on the bed with everybody, resting before heading out to the grocery store to get ingredients for delicious corn-avocado salad, and grilled cheese (apricot and fresh mozzarella... yum). I plan on taking it nice and slow and pretending like I'm really on vacation and shopping in an unfamiliar, exciting new store. Pretending can take you a long way. I plan on wearing breezy beachy clothes and pretending that I've never been to Berkeley Bowl. :)

I am having a hard time doing nothing. Mostly I feel like I'm constantly behind on projects and so I feel like I need to fill every spare moment either being creative or doing work. Hopefully soon we can actually go AWAY so I'm not confronted with all the things I'd like to do, or feel I have to do, all the time. Today I have literally been forcing myself NOT to do things.

However, reading The Fox Woman and loving it. It's so delicately written and beautiful! I just want to stay in bed all night and read the book. That sounds perfect. Get in bed, read the book, eat corn salad straight from the bowl. Why not?

So, I think I have my plan, then. Go to the store, come home and make delicious food, then get right back into bed and stay there. That's one way to force yourself not to do things.

Updated to add: ZOMG the corn salad was amazing. Here's the recipe. No photos -- I ate it too quickly!!

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